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Take a quick and easy test to find out what runs through your veins, and how you can help save and improve lives. Join researcher and trainee transplant surgeon, Pankaj Chandak for a journey in addressing some of the challenges in complex transplantation in both adults and children using 3D printing, organ perfusion machines and cutting-edge surgical innovations. I Didn't Know You Could Get Cancer There Dr Steve Nicholson is an oncologist specialising in a particularly rare form of cancer.

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Users responsible for computer systems in pharmaceutical environments have raised legitimate questions con-cerning perspectives, validation strategy, scope, and methods when validating these systems.

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You’re usually golden if you start planning your second date on your first. Or you have a really kickass first date including, let’s say, a bar, dim sum, a massage, and a healthy game of "everything but..." and then six months go by and you’re still waiting for that promised phone call.