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There’s a gadzillion going around, and its cute factor won’t deteriorate while you own it.

Pricing in Bali, on everything from houses to petrol to food in the market, is driven less by Keynesian economics than by gossip and perception. If the petrol price goes up, prices of food in the market will go up, usually by the same amount.

For multiple entry visas, options are the KITAS, an expensive and hard-to-obtain residence visa which requires that you are employed, retired, in education or running a business in Bali, or the business visa.

Despite the name, you can’t work on a business visa – it’s designed for people researching business opportunities.

But because of rabies, dogs can’t leave Bali legally, so a lot of cute abandoned puppies end up being less cute abandoned dogs when their owner decides they’ve had enough of paradise.

If your Bali dream is not complete without a pet, pick up a grown one from a departing expat.

Once you get to number five, the circle goes round again, so a family with eight kids is guaranteed two Ketuts. High-end businesses will typically charge 21% – 11% tax plus 10% service – on top of their baseline prices; smaller businesses will charge less tax and no service; tiny businesses will charge no tax at all.

So expect to pay at least 20% more than the headline price for any high-end meal, hotel or spa.

Most rural Balinese don’t have the money to sterilise their dogs, so female puppies tend to be abandoned, leaving a glut of cute animals for foreigners to pick from.

As these agreements are intended to circumvent the law, they have never held up in court: even where the nominis is a trusted friend, his or her heirs may not feel the same way about the deal that the departed did.

Bali has a caste system, and most Balinese belong to the rice-worker caste.


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