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C is for Cuddling Coz if you get A and B right, you may just get to hop onto C- and you bet your f*ckin’a*s it feels GOOOOOOD! D is for Dates The ones you spend all the time planning and thinking about after they are over.

Yes, you fret over whether or not he will call too!

Can Cara keep it together as her patience wears thin?

We all are excited about playing poker and that too on the websites, but there are many crucial aspects to be taken care of.

G is for Getaways What is dating if you don’t have your little unique getaways…and sometimes, staycations can be vacations too! I for I am never talking to you again Coz H didn’t end very well- and you cancelled G!

H is for Heated discussions Coz you may just fight about G after all! J is for Jealousy After all, your ex is out vacationing in Barbados with the bimbo he found! #Just Saying K is for Kiss and makeup Coz, hello- Barabados!

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Pilot schedules are given on a monthly basis, furloughs happen and situations/issues are always coming up. M – Moods – Happy, Sad, Irritated, Mad, Anxious, Annoyed.list could go on. Another reason to just stop and remember why you love each other. H – Humbled – As incredibly difficult it can be to be a pilots girlfriend for all the reasons you all have stated – I always try to remember, We have a roof over our head, we have food everyday and every night we have always had a bed and warm place to sleep at night and my boyfriend is doing the job he loves. I – Independent – You mean, I live half of my life alone? J – Jealous – He gets to actually take a shower and eat dinner by himself and see the world!!! G – Grateful – Grateful he finally came home, To me!Maybe that’s why pilot watches have so many time settings…The catalyst for joining the online dating website FINALLY has a date with a very hunky doctor (who desires a "stepford wife" (or so Cara hopes)) but she has one large hurdle to overcome before she can go on her date: deal with her arch-nemesis, Alexandra.Right attitude can take you places (or pants), while the wrong one means you’ll be single for years to come.B is for Butterflies Butterflies you get every time you see the one you were secretly eyeing watching you too.#God Please Make Him Call E is for Envy The sharp envy you feel every time your date does a backflip when a hotter prospect passes by.F is for Friendship Because dating someone you are not friends with would just be sad, no?😉 L is for Love, Loyalty, Laughter That’s what we are all Looking For, aren’t we?M is for the Movie magic Dating would lose half its meaning if movies didn’t exist (besides there is the popcorn to be shared and the finger-bumping) 😉 N is for the Night outs The dancing, the drinks, the music…and the rest of the BEST..


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  2. The catalyst for joining the online dating website FINALLY has a date with a very hunky doctor who desires a "stepford wife" or so Cara hopes but she has one.

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