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I would like to sell this tractor for 4 K or interesting trade.

Located in S E Colorado call 719-469- one 5 two 8I learned to drive on my dad s Model A.

He passed away last spring and I am wondering if we should sell it or keep it for old times sake.

Anyone know what it would be worth It has the sycle on the side and still runs.

I grew up on a cotton farm in Green Lake, Texas and Daddy bought a new MM in 1953 or 1954. I would love to identify the model and find and restore one. I will never forget pushing the lever to the gas side, starting it up, and letting it run a bit.

I spent many years working the tractor but can t remember the model. When I pulled the lever back and heard the unmistakable crack of that Diesel take off, I was in love! My Massey Harris model #81S built in 1946 needs some help.

Can anyone help mei have a 1938 oliver 70 that i pull,i have over-hauled it several times,but the last problem i come across was--very little or no oil pressure.could not understand why..plasti-gauged the rod-bearings,added a different oil pump,and still i found a 15 16 plug just under the oli pressure line on the right side of the block and found this is where the pressure is regulated from.i cleaned it all up and added some more spring to it and wa-la,i have oil pressure,cant wait to pull.1-913-609-4473--cell How can I tell if the clutch is goin out I have no problem puting it in to any gear but it doesnt hardly move at all.

What else could be done or replaced to get it to start Looking for a Mc Cormick Deering B-87 two-way moldboard plow for a 1946 B-Farmall or what ever plow was original equipment for a B , or any type one-bottom trip plow that can be pulled by the drawbar of the B tractor. how do you get the drum off to replace the ring gear housing beargings. We also had the Oliver cultivator that were easy to attach and use. During the war years I spent many hours on it.could run against the Allis Chalmers, John Deere s and Farmall s, my only complaint was the steel wheels gave a pretty rough ride at times and limited your use of black top and oil roads. Does anypone know where I might find pictures cira 1937-38 I would like my children to see what life was like in those days I would love to talk to someone that knows alot about a farmall A tractor, I got a 1944 farmall A andit ran as new, but i let it run out of gas and it hasn t hit a lick sence, clean gas glass bowl, clean plugs- has blue/white spark, can choke for 3 or 4 rounds and will wey plugs , check compression - 90 to 108 psi....please somebody tell me what is wroung!

I am thinking about selling all because I don t use it very much anymore. The governor spring broke, I replaced it and now, it just has no power. Had a UTU about 4 years ago but was stolen in Adams , TN. He gets to deal with both his grandfathers and God over this. I love reading all these comments as they bring back good memories. The 44 looks and runs very nice , and the 101 is a 45, I,m rebuilding it. So i start to drive at one massey-harris 44k benzin.

The governor speed lever just flys forward, but the power isn t there. a 44 massey harris tractor need to know how to pull the brake hub apart. On 1955 my father and my ungle left 44k and buy one M-H 745 But make in England.

We don t know much about tractors, but am confused how Farmall and International Harvester is one and the same Any idea how we can find out its value Thank you in advance. If anyone has knowledge of this I would offer 500 and a good bbq sandwich. I am meccanical ingenier and i am workin till now as director for a big mattalurgical company.

I have a 1974 Farmall cub with plow, cultivator, disc, back blade and bushhog. The splines on the pto drive shaft are worn and this needs to be replaced. I have a Farmall A that has always been a workhorse. Th boy will regret he was ever a part of my family. I just purchased a 47 44-6 massey and a 101 senior both have a six cylinder contineals. But i love tractors because i cam by agricultur fammily.


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