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Accept users without validating credentials

If the Dashboard test passes and you receive this error when testing with a Windows 7 client ensure the client's WPA-2 Enterprise settings are correct.

If you receive Event ID 6273 with Reason Code 49 when testing with the RADIUS Test feature on Dashboard, this is usually indicative of an incorrectly configured Connection Request Policy on your NPS server.

No certificate installed on the RADIUS Server or the certificate has expired. Cisco Meraki Access Points are not added as a RADIUS Client or are Configured for DHCP 3. Because of this, it is imperative that a static IP assignment or a DHCP fixed IP assignment be used on your APs.

If your AP is not added as a RADIUS Client you will see Event ID 13 in the Network Policy and Access Services logs, as shown below.

To resolve, see the below KB articles on adding a RADIUS client and setting static IP addresses on access points.

Access Control, you must enter a secret when specifying your RADIUS server.

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When the Secrets do no match, you will see Event ID 18 in the Network Policy and Access Services logs as shown below.Please refer to our documentation regarding NPS policy configuration.When testing RADIUS authentication it is possible that the user password may be incorrect.Windows Event Viewer can be found by navigating to Start The following common configuration errors may result in RADIUS authentication failing. To resolve this, a certificate will need to be installed or renewed on your NPS server, in order to establish TLS.Though the error codes outlined below are specific to Windows NPS, the following configuration check should be made regardless of RADIUS server vendor: 1. WPA2 Enterprise authentication requires your Cisco Meraki Access Points be added as RADIUS Clients on your NPS Server.On Windows end-user devices you have the option to validate the server certificate presented by the server when using WPA-2 Enterprise, which is strongly recommended for RADIUS.If this option is selected, the Certificate Authority must be added to the client's list of Trusted Root Certification Authorities.The initial steps above are a one-time installation process per workstation.For future sessions from the same workstation this Power Shell module is now installed locally and can be launched from the Microsoft Exchange Online Powershell Module desktop app.Since the release of Microsoft Teams, which uses Office 365 Groups as the core membership list for individual Teams, when a user created a new team then the associated Office 365 Group was automatically Exchange-enabled with distribution group capabilities.This meant that every single Team created in an organization would appear in the Exchange Online Address Book, thus offering the potential to rapidly clutter up the Global Address List.


  1. I have verified I can log into crm using this user/pass, is it possible that my. have the correct Root Organization Web Address entered in the credentials. validate that the baseURL, AppID, UN/PW are all valid on their own.

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