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From cheapest to most expensive Kiev has always been fairly cheap (and very remote) compared to the rest of Europe, but as of now it's the clear leader when it comes to cheap and large cities.

The conflicts from a few years ago have settled down as of late, but that still doesn't mean people are flocking to Kiev to take advantage of a cheap weekend break. Krakow continues yet again as Europe's best travel bargain.

You can click on the city names to see all the details about each city as well.

They might not be all of the largest cities, but these are the best places to visit in Europe.

Riga's main problem is that it's a bit out of the way for those not on an extensive tour.

Even for a weekend break, Riga is worth a look, especially for the nightlife crowd.

Fortunately, those that make the effort to come will at least be rewarded with low prices all around, which certainly help make up for the other frustrations of visiting. Hostels seem to be getting cheaper lately, so it's even more appealing for the backpacker set.

Sofia remains a good bargain among European capitals, with a very pleasant city center that is quite welcoming of foreign tourists.

Costs for each city We've added an interactive map that shows the Backpacker Index price for each city as you roll over it with your cursor.The low prices have drawn in larger numbers of Europeans for weekend breaks, and there are many great and cheap hostels, bars, and restaurants to keep prices low while you are enjoying the beautiful old city and the local culture.Put this one on your list before demand forces prices up like in Prague and Budapest.Belgrade is one of the Balkan cities that had years of trouble in the 1990s and still struggles a bit to attract tourism.This is another where you won't find an abundance of checklist attractions, but you will find a lively and interesting urban center with good nightlife and appealing prices.Prices of nearly everything are cheap, except for inbound flights from other major cities, and hostel beds have become a bit more expensive lately.Even for those planning to travel Europe cheap, Sofia is out of the way for anyone who isn't doing an extensive tour of the region.The castles and cathedrals are enough, but here you also get thermal spas that are cheap even for the backpacking set.Hostels, in particular, are great value, but you have to get a bit out of the center to find inexpensive hotels.It's surprising to see a city so far north also so high on the cheap-cities list, but it turns out that Riga is quite a bargain for the backpacking set.Hostel beds in particular are very affordable, and so is pretty much everything else.


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