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Every shop it was in, he taped folks working on the truck.Ed told me that he gave the whole portfolio to his son, and would have to contact him to get that stuff.The truck is at a local Ace Hardware store in Tucson, Az.the ownerof the store has it on display in his paint dept.It didn't take long before American manufactures were converting their cars into trucks.The Model T being one of the most famous with it's Model TT.

Stuck in the bottom of the windshield was this picture: ABdone-1024 Once man discovered the automobile he found that it could also be used to move material from one place to another.The first known truck was built in 1896 by the German automotive pioneer Gottlieb Daimler.Ed also said that his ex-wife has a copy of that video."Greg I have a book that says they were built from 1910 until 1957, and only built a total of about 2500 trucks.Most were sold to Chicago area customers, and the company was taken over by Crane Carriers Corporation Tulsa Oklahoma.Other manufactures of the automobile also discovered this market.There were also a number of independent truck manufactures both large and small.It was a Chevrolet CMP (Canadian Military Pattern truck) King George said Canada Provided it's Navy, it's Men and 500,000 Trucks without them we would have lost the War Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) trucks were manufactured with the driver's position on the "wrong" side, in opposition to Canadian traditions, but in accord with British traditions since the British were the primary customers.It also illustrates the primitive form of ventilation obtained by having the two windshield windows mounted on hinges and slides Packard Army truck and a group of people restored it. They restored it for the Citizen's Motor Car Company, a non-profit museum in Dayton Ohio.The other two Packard trucks he owns personally and reside in the same driveable condition, all of them are Canadian, such as Federal trucks and I think also Diamond T.Heritage Park has the largest collection of automotive signs and pumps in Canada, if not North America"In 1928 it would have been sold by Ford as a Chassis, and the buyer would procure a body. Mr Wood invented the hydraulic hoist and made a small fortune producing them back when coal deliveries were the The following pictures of a 1913 Madel TT Ford Chain Drive truck were taken and submitted by Don Wilson, Tucson, Az.


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