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"Matt's worked with her for many, many years, and that will always hurt to some degree, but it's something that I will have to be an adult about it." Eventually, Amy chose to invite Caryn... but Caryn actually had other plans and could not attend. "It's new to all of us, and I think we're just treading lightly and doing the best that we can." Elsewhere on the episode, Tori was nervous to parent when Zach had to go away and Jeremy came close to finishing his home repairs.Go ahead and watch Little People, Big World online below to see everyone else in action!Audrey went to sunset high school and graduated from college with a double major in Business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Audrey is enthusiastic about running as she was influenced by her father at an early age.She was a vivid runner in college and was the team captain for the Oregon State Beavers, although she is not a professional runner.Jeremy Roloff has been able to make a huge net worth for a boy his age due to his good reality television career.The popular TV show Little People Big World which premiered on the 4 of March 2006 is a story of Jeremy’s family which mostly centers on his parents and his twin brother.Not because she has any especially hard feelings regarding the couple's split, but because Matt is dating Caryn Chandler.

Jeremy Roloff’s family owns 36 acres of fabulous farmland near the Portland in Oregon which is a tourist destination; in which they grow pumpkins and launched the Pumpkin Food Product Business. He also has two younger siblings, Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff.

The show aired off in 2010 but was brought back due to its immense popularity.

See Also: Allison Williams ESPN, Weight, Wedding, Husband, Height, Brother The show was suspended in 2010 but was brought back due to its immense popularity.

"I'm not sure for me if it will ever be as easy as I like to talk to him, whether it be business or otherwise, but we do make sure that if we're having a family gathering that we both each know about it." This is a helpful way to approach the relationship. It's worth also mentioning, of course, that Amy is very happy in her own romance with Chris Marek.

On last night's episode, she spent time planning his birthday party.


  1. In June 2007, Matt Roloff was arrested for a DUI in Washington County. and Audrey came under fire for remarks they made about marriage and dating.

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