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Backdating a file using touch No signup 1 on 1 sex webcam

I’m going to quickly go through three different apps each that do pretty much the same thing, but I’d rather mention more than less just in case one does not work for you.

Nir Soft is probably the great creator of useful freeware utilities and Bulk File Changer is a prime example.

Open a Finder window and locate the folder containing the files you wish to modify and drag and drop it into the Terminal window.

It’s amazing how many times you will find yourself in a situation where you have to change or modify the dates for a file or folder, such as the creation date, last modified date or the last accessed date!

Adjust time stored in the Exif header by h:mm backwards or forwards.

Changing the date on a file is actually quite complicated if you try to do it yourself, but thankfully there are a few really nice freeware applications that can get the job done for you quickly and easily.

For example, the following command would make file7 30 seconds older than file6.

The -d and -t options allow the user to add a specific last access time.

touch's syntax is When used without any options, touch creates new files for any file names that are provided as arguments (i.e., input data) if files with such names do not already exist.

Touch can create any number of files simultaneously.


  1. Ouch command is one of these little but extremely useful tools in Unix which you may have used for quite sometime before realizing their full potential. In short, it.

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