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That’s 0 per month that could have gone to expenses like these payments. I, like so many other educated black women, am a financial liability.Not only did I leave college with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, but I have struggled for years to find full-time work, despite sending out resume after resume. Black women are twice as likely to be unemployed, compared to white women, according to the Bureau of Labor.

He’d already branded their black fetus less desirable than the one he created with a white woman. Black men are disproportionately losing the fight to overcome those crises, while black women are desperately trying to flourish, creating an imbalance of available men versus women.And while some would pin this on black women being more likely to work in fields with lower pay, that fails to acknowledge the reality of name-based hiring discrimination.A field experiment, in which the same resume was sent to various employers, with only the name at the top changed, discovered a hard-to-swallow truth that black people have long known: “Emily” and “Greg” are simply more employable than “Lakisha” and “Jamal”—even if they all have the same credentials.Filing jointly as a married couple has zero benefits for us.Financial strain seems ubiquitous and unavoidable for most black families. While I would love to say “I do” to the man I love, I don’t want our relationship to end up in ruins because of money issues.Women hold the lion’s share (read: two-thirds) of this country’s student debt.What’s more, black women leave college with more debt than women of any other race.Banks’ book laid out the reason why plainly: Dating is a numbers game—one that is rigged against me and women who look like me. Black men are roughly seven times more likely to be killed than black women.“All of the guys I grew up with are either dead or locked up,” my partner once explained as we drove through the Jersey City neighborhood of his childhood. Even if black men overcome all this—if they survive, if they thrive—they do not want to marry a woman like me.I had hit the jackpot: My guy loved black women, had never been to jail, had a master’s degree in social work, and was dedicated to fatherhood and his career.I beat the odds that insisted I would never find a suitable partner to marry.


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