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But as Dotti’s affairs became more flagrant, a distraught Hepburn fi led for divorce.“She even confided that at one point she had considered suicide,” says Epstein.

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“My plan succeeded.”But when he returned to Hollywood and told Hepburn of his sexploits she sighed, “Oh, Bill” as though Holden were a naughty boy.

Despite her squeaky-clean image Hepburn enjoyed several extramarital affairs and questioned her acting ability.“I never thought I was a good actress,” she lamented.

“I’m no Laurence Olivier, no virtuoso talent.”But it was Hepburn’s love affair with Holden that smouldered throughout her life.

But Hepburn was prepared to throw it all away and be branded a homewrecker if Oscar-winner Holden would leave his wife and marry her.“Audrey was the love of my life,” confessed Holden, whose own films included Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17. She wanted to get married.”The secret affair, which proved the romantic highlight of both stars’ lives, has been detailed for the first time in new book Audrey And Bill.

After a whirlwind affair on the set of romantic comedy Sabrina Fair in 1954, Holden agreed to leave his wife and children and marry her.


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  2. None of the others created nearly the stir and controversy as his 1991 book. In it, the basketball great claimed to have slept with 20,000 different women. A close childhood friend, Tom Fitzhugh, said, "I don't remember him having a date. was a huge hero of mine—my supreme basketball hero, as a kid and to this day.

  3. Mar 1, 2017. In her book "The Sociopath Next Door," Dr Martha Stout says the most reliable sign of a sociopath when you first meet them is nothing to do with.

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