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Case knives dating system

has produced many types of folding and fixed-blade knives since 1889.

The stamp that includes the word “Case” is the tang stamp.

Case has introduced 33 distinct tang stamps since 1905 for its folding knives, and 17 stamps on its fixed-blade knives.

See References for a complete gallery, which will also help you to identify the years of manufacture.

Case uses the bone of Brazilian zebu cattle, which is dense and durable, on many of its patterns.

The jigging comes in such distinctive patterns as corn cob, pine bark, crow’s feet and barn board.

The Case Collectors Club is the biggest knife collecting club in the world.

Case Knives use genuine materials, making these knives beautiful and durable.

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(AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) History of the Robeson Cutlery Company ( Roberson Cutlery Straight Razor ( Robeson Tang Stamps (CANoyes Photobucket) Schrade Tang Stamps ( Schrade Cut. Now, the company is owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company.Case knives uses a unique tang stamp dating system, which has made it a favorite collecting knife.A Basic Introduction to Boker Tang Stamps – © Mark D.Zalesky and Knife World (Knife World) The Shield Tells a Story – More on Estimating the Age of Boker Knives (iknifecollector.com) Dating Info with Tang Stamps and Trees (thehawkco.com) Buck Knife Dating System ( Buck Knife Date Codes (pmphotography.com) Buck Knives Inc.See References for a short list of these abbreviations.Look for the Case distinctive “jigging patterns,” the texture that the company carves into its knife handles (see Resources).Look for distinctive elements on the tang stamp: the word Case XX; one or more dots; a series of dots and X's (for example, .x.x.) surrounding the word “Case”; or lightning-shaped S's.The XX refers to the company’s proprietary two-step heating and two-step testing systems.The number 18 signifies the junior stockman pattern, a three-bladed knife and one of Case’s most popular.The number at the end of the pattern stamp on a fixed blade knife usually signifies the blade length--thus, the numbers 65-5 signify a 5-inch bladed 65 pattern.


  1. W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of traditional pocket knives, fixed blades/sporting knives, Kitchen knives, limited edition commemoratives and

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