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In a casual family nudity environment, closed doors are practically non existent. An open door policy provides an environment prone to healthy growing up. Casual family nudity is where a family practice honest, sincere, upfront, no holds barred nudity at home.Most families practice a very small part of casual nudity, but do not talk about it.

Touching of each other's other body parts is okay, just not the genitals or genital area. Being naked is not wrong, or sinful, but is good and healthy.

We do being naked together dry so well, might as well be wet!

" As I said though, totally not sexy or different from how we normally interacted. I'd hazard to guess that I'm probably at the extreme end of that level of comfort with her girlfriends though. We always felt like there were far better uses to our time than getting freaked out by another person's naked body. The girls live upstairs and the boys live downstairs.

Then again, I live in a city were we have a very popular naked bicycle ride every year. My roomie and I are pretty much topless all the time, but generally no vag. I've always been a casual nudist around girl friends. Secondly, though, I'm not a hardbody cheerleader type that's been fit and sexy all her life.

I'm thick with fat bits and less-fat bits and I'm generally not mindlessly confident. I don't care about the downvotes but I think the focus of the question is being misinterpreted.


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  2. Casual family nudity is where a family practice honest, sincere, upfront, no holds barred nudity at home. Most families practice a very small part of casual

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