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Communication in intercultural dating relationships

I am arguing that the intercultural communication is now available on individual level as well, furthermore the existence of intercultural communication is most intensely present on individual level.How can this new way of communication can be used for better intercultural communication without disturbing others?Communication process contains and is affected by several factors.Stuart Hall illustrated the communication process in ‘Encoding and Decoding in the Television Discourse’ (1973) essay as occurred between a sender and a receiver but also how the transmitted and the received message is affected by external factors.Two people from distant countries with distinct cultures are now able to share a habitat of meaning.In this paper intercultural communication is examined through media context.

Going back to Hall’s encoding decoding model, while a present culture occurs in the communication, former cultural experiences influence the communication.

In high context cultures these numbers decrease evidently.

Globalisation and Intercultural Communication Electronic media tools have taken our perception of time and space to another dimension with its’ capability of transmitting the information in incredibly fast speeds, and it opened a way even for isolated cultures to become visible to other cultures.

How can the minorities use new media to make themselves visible to majorities?

In the first section the communication process in the era of internet is examined.


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