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Penny doesn't like being called stupid, she sees herself as a far more intelligent and experienced being. Most people know her as "Sugar" which was a nickname a customer gave her on her first day, either he was flirting or referring to the lollipops in her hair, the name stuck.

She enjoys attention and loves sweets, specifically lollipops and twizzlers. She's not a fan of kids since they tend to pull her tail and piercings.

She can easily be seen as a bully, but insults and snarky remarks are just how she communicates with most people.

If you can handle her hard exterior, you'll see she's quite gooey on the inside.

Though, my parents always pampered me, I only felt a real connection with my aunt. When it came to my parents if I wanted something I would have it almost immediately.

But when it came to aunt May, I had to work for it. My father is a successful man in architecture, but being his sister she would always tell him not to get me things when I refused to do my chores."You ask Arieddne why their bond is so strong then"You, little weirdo.

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She has an endomorph body type and is relatively healthy aside from her blood being a little on the thick side.For someone who likes to pick at people, she isn't much of a fighter.She prefers to outsmart her enemies rather than physically take them on, though she won't willingly take a beating.Penny never cared about money, as long as she had enough to buy //There seems to be quite a bit of Homestuck here already.I'm gonna add to that but you don't have to have any knowledge of Homestuck to join. Feferi quickly glanced out the window to check to see if you had returned before she continued turning the sink knobs.Despite her attitude, Arieddne is quick to warm up to someone and has quite the humorous side.Likes: Arie is a bit of a bookworm, which is why she chose to work at the library. She enjoys taking pictures and occasionally baking."You ask her if she's employed"Yeah, I work part-time as a librarian at the local bookstore.Just something to do."You ask why exactly did she come here"My father wanted me to live somewhere safe and secure so he sent me here. It has a little bit of everything."Thanking her for her cooperation, you get up to leave"No problem, be sure to stop by the library sometime, (Y/N)."Personality: Arie can be harsh and unaware of how others feel. She has a stealing habit and sometimes comes off as a bit intoxicated which usually gets her in trouble. ""Ey, hands off the tail, bud."Name: Penny Juvea Alias: Sugar Age: 21Species: Fox humanoid Gender: Female Height: 5'6"Weight: 104 lbs Personality: Penny is childish and playful, sometimes too playful.


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