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Dasha astafieva dating hugh hefner

Rumored at having moved into the Playboy mansion at the request of Hugh Hefner, Dasha has the other chicks in the barnyard upset in every way.

She is said to have re-arranged the pecking order of the household with her as top recipient of Hugh Hefner’s attention.

She says the day she found she was chosen Playboy’s 55th Anniversary Playmate she cried all day.

She not only wants to be an ambassador for Playboy in the Ukraine but aspires to be the Hugh Hefner of Eastern Europe and a successful businesswoman.

In 2005 Dasha won the top prize in the Ukranian reality show Stars Factory.

And we agree…how could any man not succumb to the charms of such an amazing specimen, the sultry smoky eyes set above luscious cheeks and lips, in pale skin framed by bewitching dark hair.

Back before news of twin blondes existed, there were rumors of a dark-haired beauty in Hugh Hefner’s life.

Now the Playboy founder hints about a possible new roomie in the mansion.

A departure from the stereotypical blond bombshell that has come to be identified with the Playboy stable of playmates, Dasha is serious brunette.

Dasha describes herself as a very emotional person — and cries very easily for anything.


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