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Dating after mastectomy

It was tiring every few weeks or months to become familiar and comfortable with the change in the way I saw myself and the way others saw me.Woman B: I was relieved that the painful thing was finally coming out of me.

It turned out to be a wise decision because the implant ended up being too large and had to be removed and replaced in a third chest surgery yet another year later. I can wear clothes I was never able to wear before.

Woman A: The mastectomy and reconstruction were all one procedure: They came off and were put back in immediately.

Not getting nipple reconstruction isn't something I regret.

I've considered getting a tattoo over the years, but the implant will need to be updated in five years, so it would just look like a mess after a fourth surgery! It really never leaves my head that a large part of my sex appeal as a woman was ruined. I also went a cup size down (from a 36DD to a 36D) and everyone thinks I lost weight ...

Woman A: It was actual surprisingly easy to become accustomed to my new breasts. Luckily, my relationship helps me feel as secure as I do. But if I were ever single again, those would be out of the question because nothing would ruin the mood like explaining my cancer plight and reconstructive surgery. I've always been pretty confident, but I didn't realize how much my chest was holding me back from doing things, like running.


  1. Sep 20, 2016. "My Dating Profile Says I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor". at age 34, and had a right-side mastectomy, chemo, and a new breast reconstructed.

  2. Oct 1, 2014. Over the years, I've spoken with so many women who were very nervous about dating again after a double mastectomy. I realize now that my.

  3. Mar 1, 2018. The threat of cancer made me reconsider what I wanted in a partner, but it also left me scared of having to open up to one.

  4. Nov 4, 2016. A mastectomy is a surgery to remove all breast tissue from a breast in order to treat or prevent breast cancer. A lumpectomy, a surgery to.

  5. Feb 10, 2016. I am reaching out to share my experiences, dating after a mastectomy. Since this is not a topic I have heard discussed a lot, I became inspired.

  6. May 20, 2016. But taking the breasts off a single woman who is actively dating - that's the tough part! First there's the expanders after surgery to stretch your.

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