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Dating groupscom online single site

By these “GL R1.0”, we would like provide the production control system as the solution which is Factory-ONE GL R1.0 is the overseas supporting system of Factory-ONE born to fulfill the requests such as “We want to implement the high-quality production control system as same as domestic system” of SMEs and mid-sized enterprises who expanded their business into overseas.

It provide the slip required for overseas business such as INVOICE in the standard feature, and it can narrow down the functions when comparing with the system for Japan, so it can provide at reasonable price.

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Lot traceability is available by registering lot number for each input (receiving, working result, request result, shipping).

Traceability information is displayed in tree structure, so it can support both BOM explosion (from product to material) and implosion (from material to product).

It calculates load ratio by daily comparing capacity by process/by machine (normal man-hour adjusted man-hour) with loading man-hour calculated by simply piling up from standard man-hour in basic information (setup man-hour and working man-hour) and order balance.

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The changes I was able to make were previously unforeseeable and positively dramatic, not only in the professional realms that I originally wished for but also in personal areas of my life, which I am forever grateful for.

“Factory-ONE” which has successfully been implemented over 1,400 sites in Japan finally landed in ASEAN.

”GL R1.0” has been newly released as the overseas version.

Material cost, processing cost, subcontract and purchase cost, and indirect cost will be summarized as actual cost by MO (manufacturing order) in real time to compare with estimation amount and arrangement amount (estimation cost/working budget).

Regarding the display format, we provide to display data in graph form (be able to drill down to detail), table form and detail form.


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