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Dating line illinoise

This Gold Artifact recovered from Burrows Cave in Illinois has been identified as a Tripod that was used to measure the degrees of the Stars with.

These degrees and measurements are on the top of the Artifact.

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At the bottom left bottom of the Artifact is the Semitic Son of the Right Hand symbol.

The Three Diamonds are Egyptian symbols for the greatest wealth. This is a strong indication that he was the King at three locations. Then on the top is (m) the (m) is for my which was a symbol for his Egypt.

And then the umbrella shape means the Umbrella Empire of both Lands of Egypt that was established by King Zaphnath from Egypt.

And then long and short lines are the numbers of her repeated Ancesters that had repeated over and over again from Grandparents to Grandchildren to her from her Ancesters here at the second Land of Egypt.

He was a son of Cleopatra Selene II and King Juba Heli II and also wrote Books. Like King Zaphnath, Asrael was known by another Egyptian in their own Language. This Artifact from Burrows Cave is another Stone Tripod.


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