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Dating milwaukee over 40

Here is what the Filson (Kentucky) Historical Society has to say about Fontaine Fox: Fontaine Talbot Fox III, creator of the famous Toonerville Trolley, was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1884.

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We recently acquired the original artwork for this January 17, 1938 Toonerville Trolley comic panel by the great Fontaine Fox (1884-1964).This was a senseless attack on the history of an entire region.While this blog is not affiliated with the Fox River Trolley Museum, we wholeheartedly support their efforts, and historic preservation.This fine specimen of a 1920s interurban car, which returned to run on the small surviving portion of its home rails at the Fox River Trolley Museum, was damaged by the two young vandals.It is not just a piece of equipment that was injured.We are but the current caretakers of precious artifacts of the past.If we fail to preserve them, it will be a loss to all who come after us.Now it is true that in the waning days of traction, there were fans who “liberated” various bits and pieces of trolleys that were destined for the scrap heap.Their goal was to preserve history, not desecrate it.I distinctly recall being gratified that they did not appear to be vandalized. Not all of these cars were saved, but some did make it off the property and several lived to run again in museum service in various parts of the country.(We ran some pictures of the “hospital train” in our post Trolley Dodger Mailbag, 1-29-2016.) That anything at all got saved was, in my humble opinion, a miracle.


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