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Dating naruto fans

In the world where almost everyone is a ninja, there's one very special boy who dreams of becoming the greatest ninja of all time.

That boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki, he's young, bold and he's ninja-in-training.

It might sound incredibly shocking to you, but there are still some people out there who don't know too much about Naruto and flat-out do not understand the appeal of Naruto hentai.

We're not going to sound condescending to all the newcomers, so here's a little bit of background info on the series in general.

I also hope this inspires artists to start making Sasuke pinups despites everyones unfair hatred and spiteful grudge on him, it's just porn right?

He appeals to a fanbase too, I feel Sasuke is being mistreated in his use of representing the series as far as main male characters go and him being the secondary main character, I will bid everypoint just to see each artist make a Sasuke hentai picture for free because Naruto gets more hentai than all the main characters in shonen here so far and is obviously one of the most (if not the most popular), so I feel that the Uchiha needs some of Naruto's spotlight for once and with his wife and some of his series hinted love interests.

Honestly, no matter what your intentions are, we just want you to enjoy your stay on here.

If you're just here to browse some , read countless (and really risque) Naruto hentai comics, that's fine in our book.

So I hope Hyper picks it up, or anyone who has good flash animation.

Now, because of plot reasons, his spirit resides within Naruto.

That's the briefest rundown one can actually write.

The three girls are in a very nice gangbang with Santa and his crew.

Positions, expression and how they get fucked is up to you -Sasuke(OMG what chaos is this!!!


  1. On Oct. 10, Naruto cosplayers gathered at NYCC in celebration of the film Boruto Naruto the Movie having just released in theaters across the U. S.

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