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The blacksmiths and iron workers of Chillicothe use this coal, and prefer it for their purposes to any other they can procure. There is but little room for doubting that it will be found in paying quantities at a reasonable depth from the surface. Elisha Hereford settled on Grand river, South of Chillicothe, near the site of Hereford's ferry in 1834; the previous year he had located on Medicine creek, eight miles east of Chillicothe. Boyd's Atlas sketch says was the first in the county, but this is a mistake; Saml. Todd's was the first horse mill, antedating Wilkerson's by a year or two. This was not effected without opposition, however, which all public enterprises must expect to meet. But in truth nearly every man in the city is their friend. This was sold and in 1867 the present house, on lots 5 and 8, block 37, was built by the Vine Street organization, costing perhaps ,000. Five children have blessed their happy married life: Laura, Eddie, Burt and Forrest and Ross, twins.It is quite probable that the Caldwell county formation will be struck at no great depth, or the Linn county beds reached lower down. The land in the northern part of Chillicothe township was not opened to entry until 1839; that in the lower part, in ranges 28 and 24, township 57, was put in market in 1835. The bonds issued to build the school finally came into the hands of one Mr. In 1869 a two-story brick building was erected to be used and occupied as a city hall, and to contain the city offices. The pastors of this church, so far as can now be learned, have been Revs. The manufacturing interests of this portion of the county are ably represented among others by Engelbert and Henry Gier, who have been located at Chillicothe for something like six years.Position and Description - Coal - Early Settlements - Sketch of Jamestown - In the Civil War - Capt. Money was plenty and prices good during the construction of the road through the county, and those were flush times. Sherley, James Mc Ferran, and Sidney Mc Williams, directors. Boys were admitted up to the age of 16, when they were compelled to leave. For a time the town was a base of supplies and operations for the militia commanders. Gill, a native of Mason county, Ky., born in August, 1884.Spickard's Encounter with Joe Kirk - Pleasant Grove Church - City of Chillicothe - Laying Out of the Town - First and Second Sales of Lots - Appointed the County Seat - Incorporations - John Graves, The Founder of Chillicothe - First Newspaper in the County - Directory of 1855 - The "Thespians" - Hannibal and St. The population increased from 800 to 1,200; many new houses were built, and those already constructed were crowded to their fullest capacity. Next to Macon it was regarded as the most important post on the Hannibal and St. Of course under these circumstances the citizens did not regard the situation at all times as felicitous. His father, of the same name, and also originally of Mason county, was reared there as a farmer and subsequently located in Greencastle, Putnam county, Ind., where he remained some two years.I swung my men around to the left and came up to the river in a thick bunch of willows opposite where they were crossing. It seems that the Shawnees, or some of them, had a little town and a big town, and the latter was called Chillicoathee. For this information the writer is indebted to Col. Gilmore, of Chillicothe, O., who for a few years after the war resided at Springfield, Greene county, in this State. The last incorporation was by the Legislature, February 26, 1869, declaring the original charter and all subsequent amendatory acts thereto amended. December 22 the town voted to adopt a proposition from J. Mastin to put in waterworks, which are to be established by August next. Paul Railroad was indefinitely located through the town and county. Va., April 19, 1835, and in the vicinity of his birthplace he grew up, being reared to a mercantile experience.There was a hole of water there fully ten feet deep. John Graves was appointed trustee for the county to lay off and sell the lots in the new town, which was ordered to be surveyed into 20 blocks before September 4, 1837; but on that day Graves resigned, and Nathan H. The first sale of lots came off October 16 and 17, 1837. The town was constituted a corporation by the name and style of "the City of Chillicothe." The municipal government is vested in a mayor, one councilman at large and one councilman from each ward in the city. Ellis; hotel, by John Graves; one newspaper, the North Grand River Chronicle, by James H. It is confidently expected that the town will be made a division station, with machine and repair shops, upon the completion of the latter road. Resident preachers of Chillicothe who have served the church a part of the time have been D. Wright, editor of the old Christian Pioneer, now the Christian Evangelist, of St. His father was Jacob Grace, of Virginia nativity, and his mother, whose name before her marriage was Barbara Wheeler, came originally from Maryland, though principally brought up in the Blue Grass State. Graham is now in his fifty-eighth year, his birth having occurred in White county, Ill., September 27, 1828. Graham, a native of Pennsylvania, who, after removing to Illinois, gave his attention to agricultural pursuits.As you may have heard from your other favorite apps, new data protection laws are being launched all over the world (including GDPR in Europe).

As noted elsewhere, it was at his house where the first courts were held in the county. Herewith is given a record of the first entries in the township, made prior to the year 1840, by persons who were actual residents of the county and in most instances actual residents on the tracts which they entered: - On the 12th of August, 1836, three speculators, David S. On the 24th of November following they laid out a town on about 25 acres of this tract, which they called Jamestown, but which was afterward well known as "Jimtown." This was before the organization of Livingston, and the plat is on file in the recorder's office of Carroll county. Immediately afterward the erection of another building, larger, handsomer, more imposing, and much more convenient, was begun, and finished in less than a year, at a cost of ,000. Their work has reached over a large tract of territory mid many institutions might be mentioned which have had a chance to test goods of their manufacture.

But with the upbuilding of Chillicothe its prospects were blasted. There were also two or three dram-shops, and the groceries kept whisky on hand. Clarno, in the advertisement of his eat house, said: "Crackers, cheese, cakes, bread, etc., always on hand. After 1880, however, the population increased slowly, until it is now about 5,000. Engelbert Gier was born November 7, 1852, and Henry's birth occurred March 28, 1855.

From time to time, however, even until the present, or recently, there have been brief seasons when it seemed that the town was performing that feat which is commonly described as "taking a start," when a few houses would be built and occupied, a ferry established, or some other improvement effected; but in time "Jimtown" settled back to something like its normal or primitive condition. Also, ale and cider for persons opposed to strong drink." There were "persons opposed to strong drink" then as well as now; but there is also as much "strong drink" now as then. In 1880 the city contained 9 dry goods and clothing stores, 11 groceries, 5 drug stores, 3 furniture stores, 3 stove and tinware stores, 3 queensware stores, 2 book stores, 2 hardware stores, 2 jewelry stores, 6 millinery stores, 3 printing offices, 2 banks, doing a flourishing business, 3 hotels, 3 merchant tailors, 3 restaurants, 3 agricultural implement houses, 1 planing mill, a Turkish bath establishment, 1 brewery, 3 photograph galleries, 4 wagon and carriage factories, 4 livery stables, 1 tobacco factory, 1 pork packing house, 1 woolen factory, 2 flouring mills, express office and two lumber yards, 8 physicians, 16 attorneys, 10 ministers, 9 churches, to wit: 2 Methodist, 1 Baptist, 1 Christian or Disciple, 1 Catholic, 1 Episcopal and 1 Presbyterian; also, 1 Baptist and 1 Methodist colored church. church building on Locust Street, which - -- was in 1863. Wood is the present very efficient clerk of the church. Their father, Christian Gier, was born at the same place and he too was a skilled wood worker, as was his father before him.

Its advantages were of some importance; but John Graves was an antagonist difficult to cope with when he was considerably interested, and in the end the county seat was placed where he wanted it. The population of the city in 1870 was 3,978, but in 1876 it was only 3,499, a decrease in six years of nearly 500! Both of these brothers are practical architects and draughtsmen making their own plans and specifications, and their business is constantly on the increase.

A few lots were sold in Jamestown, and a store-house built at an early day. And even in 1880 the census showed a total population of only 4,078, an increase over the census of 1870, ten years before, of but 100. They came originally from near Cologne, in Aix-la-Chapelle, a locality which furnishes the best artists in wood work, for as all know Rhine carvings are much sought after at the present day.


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