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Dating pickup techniques for men

It happens to be quite impressive because he’s not afraid of putting himself out there and living his life on his terms.This could seem like DHVing to a PUA but he’s just sharing himself because he like just being himself.A naturally attractive Man is just doing what he knows to be right, when he wants to do it, because he’s not trying to hide anything or trick her into anything.Leading A PUA does ‘leading’ because he’s thinks it’s an easy way to isolate and demonstrate leadership skills.Qualification A PUA qualifies women because he’s trying to find a way to convince her that he’s interested in something other than her looks.A naturally attractive Man qualifies because he has standards in his life and isn’t willing to compromise on them.And don’t worry if you can’t pick it, I’ll spill the beans at the end of the article. Approaching A PUA approaches because he’s following the 3 second rule and promised his mates he’d do 7 sets tonight.

Implementation A PUA does what the script says he should do, when it says he should do it, regardless if it’s appropriate for her or enjoyable for him.A naturally attractive Man worries about what he thinks about her.The Core Difference The core difference here is that the PUA is focussing on trying to get something from her and the naturally attractive Man is focussing on trying to create something.A naturally attractive Man leads because he knows what he enjoys and wants to take her on a journey.Kino A PUA does ‘kino’ because he knows that a physical connection makes it easier to transition to sex.DHV’s A PUA DHV’s so he can try and impress the girl and get her to be attract to him.A naturally attractive Man just talks about his life.A naturally attractive Man is independent and confident because he feels good, regardless of her response.Monitoring A PUA is constantly analysing her to find out if he’s doing the right thing.A naturally attractive Man does what he wants, when it feels appropriate, because that’s when it’s going to be the most rewarding.Her Response A PUA is needy and clingy because he needs positive responses to feel good about himself.


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