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Dating service for high intelligence

Some systems are built around principles that aren’t scientifically proven to be important in mate selection, like geolocation.Then there are the deliberate attempts to game the system: 22 percent of online daters have someone review and make changes to their profiles to improve their chances at a good match.Finding love is no longer determined by what’s going on in our lives, or by our networks.

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The best dating sites use technology to weed out mismatches, saving people hours of searching through profiles and going on in-person dates.

Compatibility signals that are easy for people to miss — such as sentiment in communication, response times, and length of profiles — are considered important to matchmaking algorithms.

There are many signs that these equations work for a lot of people: 66 percent of online daters have been on an in-person date with someone they met through a dating site, 438 e Harmony users get married each day, and more than 1 million babies have been born from matches.

But developments in advanced AI and predictive analysis might change that.

One of the first attempts to apply advanced AI to the communication phase of dating is known as Bernie A. Described as a “personal matchmaker assistant,” the mobile app works across online dating platforms to automate the evaluation and selection phases, but goes one step further: It automatically messages potential matches and hands off the match to the user only after a favorable response from the potential mate.


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