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Its religious, private and government buildings are outstanding evidences of Spanish colonial architecture in Antigua.Criterion (iv) The many churches and monasteries in Antigua Guatemala testify to the influence of the Christian church, during the colonial period, on every aspect of daily life in the city.Authenticity Due to the partial abandonment of the city in 1776, and the regulations prohibiting the repair and construction of new buildings, the city’s 16-century Renaissance grid pattern and Baroque-style monumental buildings and ruins have survived along with cobblestone streets, plazas with fountains, and domestic architecture.While some of the original residences have been fully restored, new construction in recent years has followed a neo-colonial or “Antigua Style”, which impacts the conditions of authenticity.Antigua Guatemala was the cultural, economic, religious, political and educational centre for the entire region until the capital was moved.In the space of under three centuries the city acquired a number of superb monuments.-century layout and the physical integrity of most of its built heritage.The relocation transfer of the capital after the 1773 earthquake and the abandonment of the area by most of its population permitted the preservation of many of its monumental Baroque-style buildings as ruins.

Most of the surviving civil, religious, and civic buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries and constitute magnificent examples of colonial architecture in the Americas.The third location, in the Valley of Panchoy or Pacán, was inaugurated in March 1543 and served for 230 years.It survived natural disasters of floods, volcanic eruptions and other serious tremors until 1773 when the Santa Marta earthquakes destroyed much of the town.De stad werd in het begin van de 16e eeuw gesticht en ligt 1.500 meter boven de zeespiegel.In 1773 werd Antigua grotendeels verwoest door een aardbeving, maar de belangrijkste monumenten zijn nog bewaard als ruïnes.At this point, authorities ordered the relocation of the capital to a safer location region, which became Guatemala City, the county’s modern capital.Some residents stayed behind in the original town, however, which became referred to as “La Antigua Guatemala”.Bâtie à 1 500 m d'altitude dans une zone de secousses telluriques, elle fut en grande partie détruite par un séisme en 1773, mais ses principaux monuments sont toujours préservés en tant que ruines.Construite selon un plan en damier inspiré des principes de la Renaissance italienne, elle s'est, en moins de trois siècles, enrichie de monuments superbes.In addition to vulnerability to natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes, the conditions of integrity for the property are threatened by tourist exploitation and uncontrolled growth.Further concerns on potential erosion of integrity include the illegal construction and gentrification as well as increased traffic through the historic district.


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