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So for the price of a traditional motel room – sometimes less – you get a bigger space with a separate living area, fully stocked kitchen, and more personal service. Sort that out first, and the rest will easily fall into place.

Do a Google search of the above-referenced properties and maybe do a price comparison. And also suggest the sequence for antelope canyon and horseshoe bend? For example, if you’re able to secure a hotel at the Grand Canyon directly upon your arrival, you can then go to Page afterward, then hit Sedona last.

We have a store front @ 4515 Bishop Ln B, Louisville, KY 40218.

Our mission is to bring customers the highest quality goods at a price that not only "beats the competition", but is consistently fair.

I know what you mean about Page hotels being a bit on the pricey side, but there are a few that tend to ‘fly under the radar’ due to their location off the main drag of the town, and the fact that they are independently owned properties who don’t take reservations via the usual channels.

Most visitors to this part of the country use Phoenix or Las Vegas airport as their starting point.

luck and God speed to you, Alley 🙂 Reply Hello Ryan, Thank you for your amazing replies and comments, these sure are a great help especially for first time travellers like ourselves. Planned itineraries: day 1 – exploring/driving to sedona then back to scottsdale day 2 – driving to page for horseshoe bend and antelope canyon in one day (back to scottsdale end of day), although looking for a night to stay in page but hotels are either fully booked or pricey day3- grand canyon any suggestions will be much appreciated. The drive from Scottsdale to both of these locations is 4.5 hours minimum – one way.

we are arriving in Phoenix and staying in scottsdale hotel. Doing day trips out of Scottsdale is going to mean a lot of time spent driving, which is likely to get old pretty quick.

As for the Grand Canyon, you’ll find the same situation re: lodging prices holds true, but by going a bit ‘off-the-beaten-path,’ you can sometimes find a good deal. If you’re not able to find anything suitable until toward the end of your 4 days, then go to Sedona first, then up to Page, then Grand Canyon and back to Flagstaff.

Click on this link and scroll down for hotels in Valle, AZ (25 miles South of the park) or Williams, AZ (1 hour South of the park) -: https://grandcanyon.com/category/hotels/south-rim-hotels/ Otherwise, get an early start out of Scottsdale, AZ and likewise, start back to Scottsdale well before nightfall. Alley Reply Hi Ryan or Alley, We are flying into Flagstaff and have 4 days and we want to see Grand Canyon,-1day, 1day- antelope canyon, horseshoe bend and 1day-Sedona. For more information on Grand Canyon hotels, this link lists them in order of preference and proximity to the South Rim.


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