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Dating with bento boxes

The earliest records of packed lunches in Japan date back to around the fifth century, when people going out to hunt, farm, or wage war took food with them to eat on the job.

They typically carried dried rice, which was eaten either in its dried state or after being rehydrated with cold or hot water, or rice balls.

During term time we typically only have one day per week to travel to new destinations between work, school and our extra curricula commitments.

The School Holidays provide so much scope for adventure.

Start out by printing the printables and cutting them all out (Diva tip: we love using this paper cutter to get nice straight lines and make our printables look nice and clean).

Attach the sandwich wraps to your sandwich with tape. Next, find your spouse’s favorite drink and attach the drink labels (tape, glue, mod podge… Don’t forget to pick out some fun treats to go along with your special lunch surprise! Pack it all up in a cute lunch box or basket and then get ready for some fun!

This Japanese boxed lunch has a long history, but these days it's a delicious, healthy, and convenient lunch option.

Consider it perfect for munching at your desk or, even better, at a picnic.

It’s easy to pick up a lunch or throw something together, but we’ve put together the sweetest Lunch Box Surprise printables to dress up your lunch and make your spouse feel EXTRA special. And even if they don’t need it, it’s always nice when we put a little extra effort into showing our spouse that we not only love them, but we want to spend time with them, too!With a huge international trip on the horizon we scaled back our holiday adventures again this month and decided to focus our attention on Sydney.One morning, half way through our first week, T and I embraced our spontaneous spirit and on whim caught the train to the city with the kids.According to the is often said to have originated with a sixteenth-century military commander named Oda Nobunaga (1534-82), who fed the large numbers of people at his castle by having food handed out to each individual.The word was coined to describe the simple meals that were distributed in this manner.In Japan, Valentine’s Day is an occasion for women to give chocolates to their partners (or intended partners), after which they await a return a month later on White Day, when boys are meant to show their own affection.But Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, and young people often struggle to find other ways to express romantic interest.I wrapped the patterned strip around, secured it with tape and then attached the coordinating labels on top! After eating, challenge your spouse to a fun word search activity highlighting some words that might just apply to your spouse – like gorgeous, handsome, dreamy, huggable… Make it a race and see who can find the most words the fastest!Don’t forget to share your cute, little intimate invitation for later.They headed straight over after finishing their food. We also discovered Jenga, Snakes and Ladders and a Soccer table in the area.


  1. Jul 24, 2012. Ok. This is a total foodie type date night, but I couldn't resist. These Bento boxes are amazing! And there is no limit to the themes you could try.

  2. Aug 22, 2013. Bentos date back to the Kamakura period, when people would pack rice. base of Japanese meals, traditional bento boxes had a ratio of 421.

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