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She ask for, and I give her my email address, where I get an official looking email from POF.I follow the link, put in the activation code, then it takes me to a page asking for credit card information.Our rooms are dedicated to different topics and areas of interest.We're not going to be defined by our relationship with you.

Encouters - We show you profiles and you tell us if you're interested.

I've already changed my POF password, and my gmail password.

Anyone that wants texting thru gmail or some other messaging source outside of direct phone numbers or POF messages shouldn't be trusted in my book.

Adult and Senior chatters are becoming just as well versed.

They say so many people never get over their first loves, and I think you need to consider it.


  1. I quickly left the page, replied to the person "I'm going to decline your scam offer.

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