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Droid weather widget not updating

it might be showing "partly sunny" when it's night time).

It just shows the temperature for the last time I opened the app.

Hi, Whenever I go to Google or Google Photos, I am being told that I need to install the update (it won’t even let me look at my photos).

I’ve tried everything, and the update will not go through – it will sit there downloading for hours.

It also takes any where from 35 seconds to 1 minute before it gives me the same info as before.

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I have to go in the widget settings click modify and click on current city then add and it finds the correct position. I know it is a really minor issue, but I can't stand something which is not working properly.

Ensure the Version field is set to the Latest stable version.


  1. My weather widget has been giving me problems lately. I have cleared data and cache. Doing that hasn't helped at all. How can I resolve this?

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