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ICON Leasing Fund Twelve Liquidating Trust engages in the liquidation of the assets and liabilities of ICON Leasing Fund Twelve, LLC.These assets and liabilities were transferred to the trust subsequent to the dissolution of ICON Leasing Fund Twelve, LLC in December 2016.The tissue-marking tool may include an RF cutting tool and the marking step may include a step of coagulating or cauterizing a selected portion of the surface of the cut specimen with the RF cutting tool.Alternatively, the marking step may include a step of delivering dye onto selected portions of the surface of the cut specimen.

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Integrated Wealth Management increased its position in shares of EMC by 3.5% in the second quarter.

If an LLC is taxed as a partnership, a distribution made to its members is generally tax free under IRC 731.

But you can't rely on this general rule in planning for either current or liquidating distributions - there are too many exceptions.

It's important to evaluate the tax consequences of every distribution.

If the distribution liquidates the member's entire interest in the LLC or is made when the LLC is wound up, the member receiving the distribution can recognize a loss for tax purposes under IRC 731(a)(2) if the distribution consists solely of money, unrealized receivables, and inventory and the amount distributed is less than the member's adjusted tax basis in his or her interest.


  1. Co. 5.800% due 11/15/18. or setting aside the amount to pay, any liabilities. Upon the transfer of the liquidating distribution, all outstanding shares of the Portfolio will be deemed cancelled. Currently the Portfolio offers Class H and Class I shares. Each class represents interests in the same assets of the Portfolio, and the classes are identical

  2. The invention relates to a computer file backup method, which method comprises providing at least one client computer, such as a personal computer, having a data storage means, such as a hard disk, with data stored thereon, on which data backup protection is desired, and providing at least one separate server computer having a

  3. Name Safe Name Description Readable Units; Cost per Share buy_price The average price at which you purchased the stock, also called buy price or basis per share.

  4. A rectangular light-based touch-sensitive surface for an electronic device comprising a plurality of light emitters arranged along one and only one side of a surface, each emitter being activatable to emit light rays at a plurality of different angles across the surface, a plurality of light detectors arranged along the three remaining sides of the surface,

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