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Summary The 35w blackface Vibrolux Reverb (VR) is the smallest member of the blackface/silverface 6L6 Fender amp family.

Its strength lies in the sweetness and early breakup caused by the smaller transformers than the Super Reverb, Vibroverb and Pro Reverb.

Here is a video that gradually demonstrates the effects of some of the mods and tricks described here.

To see embedded text comments, go to video on Youtube.

A blackface Vibrolux with a pair of gold and red labeled Jensen is just a fantastic amp.

Speakers, tubes and caps needs to be replaced and these will affect the tone a lot.There was plenty of clean headroom with the stock “AB763” tube configuration (12AT7 phase inverter and GZ34 rectifier) for funky chords and stingin’ clean notes at volume between 3 and 4.If we wanted to get more breakup from the amp for some raw blues tones and keep he same volume, we did the following: Playing the amp around volume 5 and 6 gives a raw, unfiltered texas blues tone out of the single 10″ Weber 10A150.This particular Jensen speaker with a Neo Dymium magnet will hold up against almost any 12″ speaker and is very efficient, responsive, punchy and and can take a lot of beating without farting out or breaking up.Where the Jensen NEO-100 can be a bit dull and muddy, the Jet series Tornado excels with quacky and bell-like sparkling blackface tones.We have had a silverface Vibrolux in our gear basement with a set of blue labeled “Fender” CTS speakers (serial number 137-XXYY).This amp performed extremly well too, with lots of punch and sparkle.The amp is not very heavy compared to the 2×12″ or 4×10″ amps.We are therefore not that afraid of installing heavy speakers in the VR if we want big magnets with lots of power.The Vibrolux is quite similar to the Pro Reverb 2×12″ except for the smaller speakers, output transformer and power transformer. 10″s provide a more scooped, responsive, punchy and sparkling sound than 12 inch speakers.The 12″s are fuller, warmer, looser in the low end while having more mids and a more three-dimensional tonal spread.


  1. You’ll need schematics to implement some of these mods. We usually start with explaining a mod from a

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