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Rules were a convoluted mess that were made up on the fly, fans had no understanding of what was going on in the ring, full-sized boxing gloves were used in matches where takedowns were supposed to be important…it was just nonsense of the worst kind.

The natural conclusion to the tournament should have been Bradshaw losing to Dr. Although Williams made it through the first round against Quebecer Pierre (yes, a literal one-eyed man was allowed to compete in a legitimate fighting match), he was destroyed in the second round by career mid-carder Bart Gunn in a shocking upset.

Gunn, who actually had legitimate background in boxing and fighting that no one knew about at the time, knocked out Williams in embarrassing fashion.

Even worse for Williams, he fell on his own leg on the way down while counting the lights, and tore up his leg to the point where it essentially ended his WWF career before he even wrestled a match.

and offered to broker a deal between Kaufman and the WWF.

Vince Sr., obviously lacking the instinct for the absurd that his son would later develop, refused the notion of having men wrestle women and told Apter that didn’t want “show business” mixing with his wrestling.

They were supposed to be “cooperating” in real life, but Kaufman was still wearing his neck brace from the match and the interview turned into a bizarre bit of pro wrestling performance art, with Kaufman yelling at Lawler about how he could have sued for damages until Lawler hauled off and slapped him on live TV in a moment that did the 1980s equivalent of “going viral." It was a brilliant bit of business and Kaufman returned to Memphis many more times in the months that followed, although to diminishing returns each time.

MORE: Four famous wrestling stories with awful payoffs Reportedly, the tournament was the brainchild of head writer Vince Russo, who based it on the boasts of John “Bradshaw” Layfield about being able to beat anyone in a bar fight.

Needless to say, the whole thing was a complete disaster.

He reportedly hired fellow comedians and artists to take the fall for him, and the act was a hit.

So much so, in fact, that his friend Bill Apter brought the idea to Vince Mc Mahon Sr.


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