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Last post I thanked some of the people who have contributed to this blog. Imagine the ridiculous level of self-regard implied by that. Scott Alexander, if brevity is the soul of wit, you’re a witless soulsucking fuck.” “Dude sounds like a crackpot.

But once again, it’s time to honor some of the most important contributors: the many people who give valuable feedback on everything I write. Blaming Republicans for everything and hailing liberals for… Thanks for helping me find something to add to my “never read” collection.” “The men tweeting about how bad the women’s march is are also the guys who didn’t get invited to parties blamed it on feminism…I know a few men who make this seem like actual fact.

It has everything you could ever want to see when it comes to sexy men from Asia having their corn holes filled.

spineless) centrism.” “He wants his readers to adopt a strategy of misogynist sabotage.” “Slate Star Codex is THE definition of ‘autism spiral into infertility and death'” “Scott Alexander is a Less Wrong cultist.If I absolutely did not want any grandchildren (say, high risk of insanity in the bloodline) I’d have Alexander teach my sons the birds & bees.He is a weirdo autistic who has no understanding of normal women based on the few writings on sexual politics of his I’ve read, which are filled with the usual libertard lonely-boy pablum about the awfulness of “slut shaming” in our society, and how if we could just get rid of that and any sort of gender roles and treat everyone the same, we’d be living in a flippin’ sexual Nirvana where our genitals would be as happily interoperable as any pair of USB ports.I am also willing to pay for the stories of the victims of any other ‘prominent’ ‘internet famous’ psychiatrists/human rights abusers.” “I hate to go ad hom, but i can’t think of anyone who would benefit more from TRT and getting laid on the reg.” “After reading Scott’s article to a friend of mine, he decided to get “Border Reaver” tattooed on his neck” “So basically he’s an athiest jewish kikeiatrist named Schlomo Schlomovich who mingles with the social elite while still being afraid of antifa?I couldn’t have strung together that many ridiculous stereotypes at once if I tried honestly.or both idk” “Hey man I took your survey it made me feel all weird and insecure about my gender identity thanks a lot!” “Anyway, I don’t mean to pick on Alexander, whose heart is in the right place, but he is a walking, talking, male prophylactic.He has ALWAYS been a tremendous asshole who thinks he’s Mister Fucking Spock.” “Slate Star Codex is to cognitive dissonance what Goddard was to rocketry.” “I used to really enjoy Slate Star Codex before joining the dark side, now I find the blog almost insufferably autistic.” “Laughing my ass off as Slate Star Codex’s “The Anti-Reactionary FAQ” figuratively burns in the fires of Berkeley.” “I’ve started to be bothered by clothes tags a little bit lately.I blame SSC for putting this idea in my head” “Slate Star Codex was always a shill, but this was craven even for him” “He *literally* thinks that humans are horses” “This is entirely reductive statement from me but I think that in an important sense SSC is just the Scott Alexander ego inflation program. However a reasonable about the disingenuous use of his explicitly stated preferences for objectivity and the unstated outcomes of his blog can be made. The thousands of comments, the last remarks from departing readers.Oil price weakness is now anticipated to last into at least the third quarter of this year and is the main reason for the continued slow-down.There were no significant precipitation events, 5 days with wind speeds in excess of 35 mph (too high for completion work), and 2 days in Williston with temperatures below -10F.


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  6. Have been looking for an outlet for all your depraved Asian gay sex fantasies? Look no further than our hardcore Asian category here on Gay Tube.

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