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Gemini male dating libra female

I know he loves pretty girl, but it's just part of life. Although I have a specific dilemma and I am a bad girl, I think its his fault. Now I am torn between a long term relationship with a Capricorn, because I hurt him, I told him...what should I do?

and I know and I feel, I am the most beautiful of him eyes! Gemini men don't know how to have a relationship, and Libra women live for it. They will only break your heart, and keep smiling.... until you find out about the Gemini men's "other world" it's like a whole different person! I feel like staying with my Cap is the best path, the smartest, safest, most enlightening....the other path, Im not sure, I am scared, but I like it, and I do want to be crazy...I have them both? I'm a Libra that fell in love with nothing but Gemini's, yes some of them did end on a bad note.

The occasional disagreement of course, but nothing that isn't forgotten quickly. I am a young Libra, met this charming Gemini older by five years and he swept off my feet. I my opinion those tend to be more stable and providing.

She's very proud of her appearance and home, and owns more shoes than anyone I've ever met. One of the best features of our relationship is that we often write each other letters and stories. a Libra woman deserves better because Libra women are very good lovers. I was pure and innocent too until that Gemini man ruined my life! Even Gemini can usually get more satisfaction and personal growth from a fixed sign like Aquarius and Leo, perhaps even Taurus.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Gemini and Libra compatibility article on this relationship first. Then again, spitefulness and the inability to let go and to look for better is. But I admit that I can only take care of the fun part.

I also have a Gemini man guide and Libra woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. Hey, if you are a rich and independent Libra women, go for it.

I am a young Libra falling for a young Gemini I'm a girl and he's a boy I feel that we have a strong connection but and the chemistry is so beautiful we understand each others thoughts and we know what each other ate feeling without spoken words I feel great around him because he can be very intellectual around me which is a turn on and he is big for entertaining people most people point on him for entertainment and library love to laugh they feel like when they are by someone who makes them laugh they are in their comfort zone I think they are beautiful together I don't know about the other thing that library have felt about Gemini's negatively because I haven't been in one yet but I do know that we both like each other we have hooked a couple of times and the kissing is great !

any advice for me would help I'm a 26 Gemini malewe don't like to cheat that's a like to flirt that's a fact I dated several Libra women and I fell in love with one 6 years ago.

I still remember her, it was the most powerful sensational feeling I ever had I was madly in love and she was too unfortunately she moved with her family far away and step by step we lost what we had.

How can I tell if he is genuinely into me and what can I do to peak his interest?

I am a Libra women and I am currently dating a Gemini man.


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