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Global updating epo 4 5

Principle of reformatio in peius only applies to final result (reasons, 2)Extension of subject-matter, patent as granted (no)Insufficiency of disclosure, patent as granted (no)Novelty, patent as granted Novelty - (yes)Inventive step, patent as granted Inventive step - (yes)Claim request filed with statement of grounds of appeal - admission into the appeal proceedings (no)Right to be heard - non-attendance at oral proceedings and no substantive reply to board's communication Late-filed new Main Request - admitted (yes) - (filed in reaction to objections raised by the Board)Amendments - allowable (yes)Amendments - Main Request Novelty - (yes)Novelty - Main Request Remittal to the department of first instance - (yes)Remittal to the department of first instance - Main Request Admissibility of opposition and interventions Admissibility of opposition - yes (see point 1 of the reasons)Referral to the Enlarged board of Appeal - no (see point 3 of the reasons)Remittal - no (see point 4 of the reasons)Novelty - patent as granted Novelty - no (see point 5 of the reasons)Admissibility of late-filed request - no (see point 6 of the reasons)Reimbursement of intervener's appeal fee - yes (see point 9 of the reasons)Transfer of opposition (no)Main and first auxiliary requests - Novelty - no Auxiliary requests 1ter and 3quater - not clearly allowable Auxiliary request 3 - amendments - allowable(no)Auxiliary request 3quater-bis - allowable Admissibility of appeal - (yes)Oral proceedings - non-attendance of appellant/patent proprietor Appealed decision - sufficiently reasoned (yes)Appealed decision - substantial procedural violation (no)Inventive step - (no)Erfinderische Tätigkeit (Hauptantrag und Hilfsantrag I) : nein Erfinderische Tätigkeit - Neuformulierung der technischen Aufgabe Erfinderische Tätigkeit - Willkürliche Auswahl Zulässigkeit des Hilfsantrags II eingereicht in der mündlichen Verhandlung: nein - Nicht eindeutig gewährbar Grounds for opposition - added subject-matter (no)Grounds for opposition - after amendment Late-filed auxiliary requests - justification for late filing (yes)Remittal to the department of first instance Admissibility of some English translations of Japanese documents filed in opposition and appeal proceedings (yes)Admissibility of documents filed with the statement of grounds (yes) : reply to the reasoning of the decision under appeal Admissibility of documents filed with the statement of grounds (no) : not more relevant than other documents filed before the Opposition Division Sufficiency of disclosure (yes)Novelty (yes)Inventive step (yes)Admissibility of an English translation of a Japanese document filed in opposition proceedings (yes)Admissibility of documents filed with the statement of grounds (yes) : reply to the reasoning of the decision under appeal Admissibility of documents filed with the statement of grounds (no) : prima facie not relevant for novelty or inventive step Sufficiency of disclosure (yes)Novelty (yes)Inventive step - Main Request : no Inventive step - Auxiliary Request 2 : yes- Geltend gemachte offenkundige Vorbenutzungen: erstmals im Beschwerdeverfahren vorgebracht, nicht berücksichtigt- Spät eingereichte Entgegenhaltungen: zum Teil zugelassen- Neuheit - Hauptantrag: nein- Spät eingereichte Hilfsanträge in Reaktion auf neu berücksichtigten Stand der Technik: zugelassen Late-filed request - second and third auxiliary requests Late-filed request - admission (yes)Amendments - main and first and second auxiliary requests Amendments - added subject-matter (yes)Remittal to the department of first instance - third auxiliary request Remittal to the department of first instance - (yes)Admittance of claim requests filed at the oral proceedings (yes)Amendment - Main Request - extension beyond the content of the application as filed (yes)Clarity - 1st to 3rd Auxiliary Requests (no)Novelty and inventive step Novelty - 4th Auxiliary Request (yes)Zulässigkeit der Beschwerde - (ja)Zulässigkeit der Beschwerde - Beschwerde hinreichend begründet (ja)Erfinderische Tätigkeit - (ja)Erfinderische Tätigkeit - nicht naheliegende Lösung auch unter der Annahme, der nächstliegende Stand der Technik enthalte ein in Streit stehendes Merkmal Admissibility of new evidence filed upon appeal (no): documents constituting a fresh case Sufficiency of disclosure (yes)Novelty (yes): not direct and unambiguous disclosure of all features of claim 1 in combination Inventive step (yes)Late-filed request - second to fourth auxiliary requests Late-filed request - admission (yes)Inventive step - main and first to third auxiliary requests (no)Remittal to the department of first instance - fourth auxiliary request (yes)Spät eingereichte Dokumente - mit der Beschwerdebegründung vorgebracht (zugelassen)Spät eingereichtes Dokument - in der mündlichen Verhandlung vorgebracht (nicht zugelassen)Neuheit (ja)Erfinderische Tätigkeit (ja)Requête produite tardivement - pendant la procédure orale recevable (oui)Modifications - extension au-delà du contenu de la demande telle que deposée Modifications - requête principale (non)Possibilité d'exécuter l'invention - requête principale (oui)Renvoi à la première instance - (oui)Procedural deficiencies (no)Novelty - main request (no)Novelty - auxiliary request (yes)Amendments - auxiliary request Amendments - added subject-matter (no)Sufficiency of disclosure - auxiliary request (yes)Inventive step - auxiliary request (yes)Amendments - added subject-matter Amendments - main request (yes)Late-filed auxiliary requests I to IVLate-filed auxiliary requests - admitted (no)Referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal - refused Apportionment of costs - refused Added subject-matter - claims as granted (yes)Auxiliary claim request filed after issuance of sumnmons to oral proceedings - admitted into the proceedings Amended claims not objectionable under Articles 123 and 84 EPC - auxiliary Request 1Novelty - (yes) auxiliary request 1Inventive step - (yes) auxiliary request 1Late filed document admitted by the opposition division: no reason to overrule discretionary decision of the opposition division Inventive step (main request and auxiliary requests 1 to 5 and 10): no Admittance of auxiliary requests 6 to 9 and 11 into the proceedings: no Admittance of auxiliary request 10 into the proceedings : yes B01J 29/06B01J 29/064B01J 29/068B01J 29/072B01J 29/076B01J 21/02B01J 21/04B01J 21/06B01J 21/10B01J 21/12B01J 23/02B01J 23/04B01J 23/06B01J 23/10B01J 23/12B01J 23/16B01J 23/22B01J 23/24B01J 23/26B01J 23/28B01J 23/30Admissibility of appeal - (yes)Admittance of new main request (amended claims and description) filed at the oral proceedings (yes)Post-grant modifications of claims and description - not objectionable Sufficiency of disclosure - (yes)Remittal to the department of first instance - (yes)Spät vorgebrachte Argumente - zugelassen (ja)Spät eingereichte Beweismittel - Beweismittel hätten bereits im erstinstanzlichen Verfahren vorgebracht werden müssen (nicht zugelassen)Spät eingereichte Beweismittel - Beweismittel hätten bereits mit der Beschwerdebegründung vorgebracht werden müssen (nicht zugelassen)Neuheit (ja)Erfinderische Tätigkeit - nicht naheliegende Lösung (ja)Admissibility of appeal - appeal sufficiently substantiated (yes)Late-filed request - justification for late filing (no)Late-filed request - request clearly allowable (no)Amendments - added subject-matter (yes)Inventive step (no) main request Inventive step - obvious alternative Inventive step - (yes) 2nd auxiliary request Inventive step - non-obvious alternative1st auxiliary claim request filed after issuance of the summons to oral proceedings- not admitted Proper construction of "either ...or" (Reasons, 2.3 ff.)Fresh ground for opposition raised by the Respondent (not considered) - no approval of the patentee Sufficiency of the disclosure (yes)Novelty - (yes) "extrinsic characteristic" (G 1/92) of an allegedly novelty-destroying commercial composition only accessible by subjecting said prior art composition to a kind of reverse engineering (by fractionation) based on hindsight (Reasons, 7)Inventive step - (yes)Proper construction of "either ...We recruit for Litigation Case Managers and Trial Paralegal Jobs in New York City law firms and corporations that employ, train, compensate and promote Trial Paralegals in New York City regardless of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, s Base salary to 5,000 Plus Well-Paid Overtime, Bonus eligible, Comprehensive Medical and Dental Coverage; Paid Time Off; 401K; Savings Accounts; All Firm Amenities and many more benefits.

When you specify that certain content initiates a global update, make sure to create a replication task to distribute content that was not selected.

Ans: Yes you have to create a VSE installation package to setup exclusions for the scan.

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Work closely with two Counsel and senior attorneys on all aspects of secured transaction deals, including public records searching and filing, to ensure accuracy and conformity as related to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

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  1. May 27, 2010. I am running ePO 4.5 and I have a question RE global updating. agent to every network segment for global updating to work see step 5.

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