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Use of the term is not restricted exclusively to its communication via natural language.Information is also registered and communicated through art and by facial expressions and gestures or by such other physical responses as shivering.Coupled with its ability to be substituted for other economic resources, its transportability at very high speeds, and its ability to impart advantages to the holder of information, these characteristics are at the base of such societal industries as research, education, publishing, marketing, and even politics.Societal concern with the husbanding of information resources has extended from the traditional domain of libraries and archives to encompass organizational, institutional, and governmental information under the umbrella of information resource management.The second perception of information is that it is an economic commodity, which helps to stimulate the worldwide growth of a new segment of national economies—the information service sector. information service sector had grown to about billion.Taking advantage of the properties of information and building on the perception of its individual and societal utility and value, this sector provides a broad range of information products and services. This was equivalent to about one-seventh of the country’s computer market, which, in turn, represented roughly 40 percent of the global market in computers in that year.The rise in information-processing activities in industrial manufacturing as well as in human problem solving has been remarkable.Analysis of one of the three traditional divisions of the economy, the service sector, shows a sharp increase in information-intensive activities since the beginning of the 20th century.

The power of this abstract model of an information-processing system is provided by the ability of its component processors to carry out a small number of elementary information processes: reading; comparing; creating, modifying, and naming; copying; storing; and writing.

On the one hand, it is considered an economic resource, somewhat on par with other resources such as labour, material, and capital.

This view stems from evidence that the possession, manipulation, and use of information can increase the cost-effectiveness of many physical and cognitive processes.

Almost all other industries—manufacturing and service—are increasingly concerned with information and its handling.

The different, though often overlapping, viewpoints and phenomena of these fields lead to different (and sometimes conflicting) concepts and “definitions” of information.


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  4. Information processing Information processing, the acquisition, recording, organization, retrieval, display, and dissemination of information. In recent years, the term has often been applied to computer-based operations specifically.

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