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This growth also includes the song’s current position of #29 on the Urban Mainstream Radio chart (which is the song’s peak to date) and inclusion on the Top 50 Songs charts for both Shazam and Apple Music.

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The tour will finish with a special DC homecoming show at The Fillmore Silver Spring.

In reading his memoir, you can't help but feel like it's the saga of the "old Gucci," a person we now barely recognize amidst his current iteration.

Still, it's a cautionary tale for anyone who assumes they're Teflon and a note of inspiration for anyone who thinks their lives can't evolve.

Arguably the best version—like when Gucci hopped on Gold Link's song "Crew." While Gucci Mane has consistently held down Atlanta, he's an Alabama guy at heart.

So much so, that his business ventures are named after his earliest Bessemer, Alabama stomping grounds.


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