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High school freshman dating

Hunt’s ignorance of the law was no longer a defense to her.

Although Hunt admitted that she thought her actions post-bailment were a mistake, she justified her actions by stating that she “needed closure” and she “got wrapped up again.” Just days ago, Hunt pleaded no contest to two counts of misdemeanor battery, misdemeanor contributing to the dependency of a child, and two counts of felony interference with child custody in a plea bargain agreement.

According to CNN, Hunt was initially charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery after her fourteen year old girlfriend’s parents went to the authorities in opposition of the relationship.

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Though much media coverage centered on the fact that this case was prosecuted because the nineteen year old adult and fourteen year old minor were engaged in a same sex relationship, just recently in New Jersey, a nineteen year old male was arrested and charged for having sexual relations with his fifteen year old girlfriend.So here are seven things you need to know before sophomore year. Do it, don't worry about the fact that your bestie won't be in the class, this is your life.Like I said, you're not fresh meat but you're not really upperclassmen either. Not only will this help you find your passion, it'll also look great on that future college transcript!The nineteen year old and fifteen year old had been dating for several months, but the father of the fifteen year old girl wanted the relationship to end, so he reported it to the authorities.There are other examples of teenagers going to prison and/or facing criminal sanctions for dating other teenagers, including Ken Thornsberry of Michigan who spent six years in prison for dating a high school classmate. It appears that in most of these teen arrests, it is the parent of the underage teen that goes to the authorities to report the problem. Can we blame the adult teenagers that met their fellow “loves” while in high school, or do we blame the schools, parents, or culture for lack of information?Should the parents of the minor children reach out to the adult teenager and the teenager’s parents before resorting to the courts? On the one hand, the laws were enacted to protect minors, but on the other, they are being used to ruin teenager’s lives.This author ultimately believes that when the case before the judge is between two teenagers who met in high school, the consequences for having sexual contact should be much more lenient than when the case involves a fully grown adult and a high school student.Of course, if you don't make it it's not the end of the world. Hopefully nothing dramatic will happen but there's often a bit of a shake up in sophomore year and beyond within your friend group. So take this as the prime time to get your parents to trust you as much as possible so that they don't restrict your freedom as you progress through high school.Hey, you're all growing up and most of you will turn 16. They know that as soon as one of your friends gets their driver's license, you're going to be off into the big ol' world without em. You’re still probably trying to get your permit and can’t drive yet, it’s too early to really buckle down on SATs but you cant totally disregard them either. You’re not fresh meat, but you’re not really much of an upperclassman yet either.


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