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We didn’t think the name Baxter or Barney would work on a Poodle, but thought it would be a better name fit for a Beagle.Also, there are puppy names out there that sound biggish or sound smallish, so we felt they would fit better on a big or small breed.Considered the most popular breed in the world, why not give him/her a name to match? And finally, let’s end this list with a look at words from the Aboriginal language.They are extremely loyal with a highly spirited spunk that can steal everyone’s hearts.Thus, if you are still thinking of what to name your small dog, you will now unearth a treasure trove of the greatest small dog names.Combine that with their unique looks as well as having a fascinating history, what’s there not to love about this one of a kind pup? If you’ve ever owned a Chi, you know just how protective they can be.

Here are some tips to speed things up and make it a painless and pleasant experience: If you have other ideas for Australian dog names, let us know in the comments below!

From country nicknames to popular animals to the gorgeous geography, there is no shortage of ideas. These names are perfect if you have an Australian breed or simply love the land of Oz. Here are fun Australian dog names we think you’ll love.

We’ve rounded up 50 Australian dog names that draw inspiration from the Land Down Under.

Frequently used today to guard property and as police K9s, we felt they deserved this name list...

One of the most beautiful, and intelligent dogs in the canine kingdom, they can be easily trained as a retriever or family companion.


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