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Is ruby gettinger dating denny

You are left wanting to file this entire experience under: TMI – Too Much Information and/or “I just threw up in my mouth”.

No, this ain’t r-type shows with its buff bootcamp instructors and oversized, whiny contestants who lose an inconceiveable number of pounds each week and for whom the pot at the end of the rainbow is not filled with some three-alarm turkey chili (Stop staring. Now there’s a weight loss incentive for your big ass. It’s a wonderfully sweet docu-drama about a cool chick, a beautiful sassy charming redhead who just happens to weigh nearly 500 lbs.

Eastern) about morbidly obese Savannah resident Ruby Gettinger for whom weight loss is a matter of life or death.

I know, you are having a “seen that already” grossed out feeling as you think about the last time you tuned into the Discovery Health Channel (soon to be the OWN channel as in Oprah owns the bitch) where you watched some poor pitiful blob of humanity lying in a hospital bed or sitting in wheelchair telling the camera that he/she can’t understand how he/she gained so much weight.

Realizing that they have been part of the problem, Jeff, Georgia and Jim are now wanting to be an active part of the solution. I may not be able to get onto the playing field with her but I will be rooting on the sidelines for her success. UPDATE 2 Attention fans, it was announced at the Television Critics Association (TCA) conference that our big girl will be back for a second season.

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The van driven by the accused failed to take a sweeping curve in the road, left the roadway for about 7 metres & collided with a telegraph pole.

Her desires are surprisingly small for those of us for whom finding a suitable chair in a waiting area is not even a thought.

Among her wishes is to be able to take a bubble bath and to sit on a boyfriend’s lap.

Ruby TV show is a documentary style reality television series on the Style Network that debuted in 2008 in the United States.

This inspirational TV show gives viewers an intimate look inside the life of Ruby Gettinger, a woman struggling against life-threatening obesity.


  1. It's hard not to sympathize with Ruby Gettinger. in on 'Ruby,' 'More to Love' and 'Dance Your Ass Off' August. in regards to Denny.

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