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Leonardo's manner of soft shading known as sfumato was particularly adapted by Ingres, Jacques-Louis David and their followers.

An influential painting was Leda and the swan, now regarded as by a pupil of Leonardo but then generally accepted as the master's work.

His biography was written in superlative terms by Vasari.

The writers of this book had based their research on forged medieval documents that had been created as part of the Priory of Sion fraud.

His painting of the Mona Lisa has been the most imitated artwork of all time and his drawing the Vitruvian Man iconically represents the fusion of Art and Science.

Leonardo's biography has appeared in many forms, both scholarly and fictionalized.

The mix of fact and fiction in the documents made it difficult to discount immediately as a forgery.

For example, it was claimed that the Grand Master prior to Leonardo was Botticelli, who had indeed had an association with Leonardo, as they were both students at the Florence workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio.


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