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She finally came over and unhooked me and bandaided me up.

I had to have her physically bend my right arm for me because the muscle had knotted up so bad I couldn't do it myself. I told my boss yesterday that I hoped no one looked too closely at me while I was at the gym. I'm meeting some friends tonight for a few games of pool and I will most definitely be wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Other than the money one of the significant differences between donating blood and donating plasma is the size of the needle. In right isn't exactly comfortable but it doesn'tanother lady comes over and tells me I'll need a restick.

In 8, I repeat EIGHT years of donating plasma and blood I've never had to get stuck twice.

Since they are pulling out whole blood then returning the red cells through the same vein the hole in the vein has to stay open big enough that it doesn't clot when the red blood cells are returned.

I was pretty damn good at it too and I met a ton of interesting people and made some pretty good friends.

The center I worked at was centrally located between both a Naval and Air Force base, so the majority of our clientel were young military guys.

For example, those who suffer from certain forms of hemophilia lack or are deficient in the natural clotting factors that help stop bleeding after sustaining acute or other injuries.

Plasma-based products are used to treat people with this disorder so that they may lead normal, active lives.


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