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Washington averted its eyes when it could have helped, he says, and since then has been firmly on Israel's side.Heavyset, solid, with a neatly trimmed full beard, Atta is the preacher at a nearby mosque.Atta's family village was destroyed in the struggle between Palestinian Arabs and Jews after Britain divided Palestine between them in 1948. The year Atta was born, the United Nations gave them a one-room house.

They feel humiliated."Ask Sheikh Abdul Majeed Atta why Palestinians may not like the United States, and he does not immediately answer.Why did those 19 men choose to wreck the icons of US military and economic power?Most Arabs and Muslims knew the answer, even before they considered who was responsible. " asked President Bush in his speech to Congress last Thursday night.It is a question that has ached in America's heart for the past two weeks.In the United States, military planners are deciding how to exact retribution.To many people in the Middle East and beyond, where US policy has bred widespread anti-Americanism, the carnage of Sept. And voices across the Muslim world are warning that if America doesn't wage its war on terrorism in a way that the Muslim world considers just, America risks creating even greater animosity. Haider is a hero of Pakistan's 1965 war against India, and a sworn friend of America.But he and his neighbors in one of Islamabad's toniest districts are clear about why their warm feelings toward the US are not widely shared in Pakistan.In his dim office in a north London mosque, Abu Hamza al-Masri sympathizes with the goals of Osama bin Laden, fingered by US officials as the prime suspect behind the Sept. Abu Hamza has himself directed terrorist operations abroad, according to the British police, although for lack of evidence, they have never brought him to trial. Zamzamy, a 30-something advertising executive in Jakarta, knew what was behind the attack, too.He looks the part of the community leader, always meticulously turned out in crisp shirts and pressed trousers, gold-rimmed reading glasses tucked into a pocket.In the past year of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Atta has joined Hamas, the radical group responsible for recently sending most of the suicide bombers into Israeli towns.


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