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There’s no need to wash garlic – after all, the point is to dry them out; however, they can be cleaned and trimmed. Well-cured, well-wrapped garlic bulbs will keep six to eight months or longer.

For the curing process, the garlic was placed in my carriage house in trays where it’s dry, dark and airy. The best storage temperature for garlic is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with low humidity at about 60-percent – and never store in the refrigerator. My 90th book, “Martha’s Flowers: A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying” is the perfect source for learning how to make the most of all the gorgeous, colorful summer flowers that are blooming right now in gardens across the country.

Yesterday, my head gardener, Ryan Mc Callister, harvested our entire crop of garlic ahead of the heavy rains that were expected in the afternoon.

All our varieties came from Keene Garlic, a family owned farm in Wisconsin.

Determining when garlic is ready to harvest can be tricky.

This annual home event celebrates tastemakers, business visionaries, and innovators across seven-days.The key is to remember that a proactive and positive approach to online dating will lead to the most success.It’s the perfect time to harvest my hardneck garlic.It also grows best in an area that drains well – garlic cloves can rot if they sit in water or mud. It is known to lower cholesterol, decrease the risk of coronary artery disease, and is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, such as vitamins B6 and C.Ryan pulls each garlic plant out and puts them neatly in wire trays. Curing is a process of letting the garlic dry in preparation for long-term storage. The garlic on the left still had a scape at the top.Garlic scapes are the flower buds of the garlic plants.They’re ready about a month before the actual garlic bulbs.Here I am with the team from “Flower Magazine” – Publisher Julie Durkee, marketing manager Jessica Cohen, style editor Amanda Smith Fowler, Margot, director of marketing Jennel O’Brien, and senior account manager Kevin Blechman.(Photo courtesy of PWP Studio Corporate Event Photographers) Afterwards, we stopped at Star Provisions Market & Cafe.See the recap of Martha’s journey on the TODAY show below: Martha Stewart on TODAY Sam Yagan’s tips for success for Martha (and everyone on the site) were to be yourself first and foremost, start the conversation, and stick with it!Though Martha might not have found her soul mate in two dates, she had fun with the process and it opened her up to the idea of dating again.


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