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Matthew james bellamy dating

In an interview with KROQ, August 2010, he displays an F♯2 while impersonating growling vocals. The highest note he has belted is B4, which has been hit on several occasions live. He hits this note at in Feeling Good, at in Unnatural Selection, at in Survival, at in Explorers, twice towards the end of Madness, three times at the end of Follow Me, several times throughout Futurism and the chorus of Big Freeze.

He more commonly hits A4 in songs like City of Delusion, Cave, House of the Rising Sun, Sing for Absolution, Exo-Politics, Hyper Music and Survival.

He then became interested in it after the divorce of his parents.

“It was exciting to go to school and to tell 10-year-old kids all about it, as they found it all quite scary and I was quite impressed that I was doing something that was scary to other people but that wasn't to me.

His highest note in a lead vocal is the final scream in Showbiz, Micro Cuts, and Survival, all of which reach G♯5.

That’s probably more realistic than thinking you’re contacting somebody who’s already dead. When Matt was younger, he almost learned how to play the clarinet at the request of his parents, but he only did it till grade 3 and then he gave up, he also tried violin and piano lesson and didn't like it, the only reason why Matt can play the guitar and the piano it's because he self-taught how to play them, however, Matt had 'A Levels' in Music class that let him take classical guitar classes for free at school when he was 17-18 years old, since then, Classical Guitar it's the only subject on which he took lessons.

Matthew Bellamy is the driving force behind Muse’s lyrical and musical composition.

Bellamy's lyrical writing is relatively simple but his subject matters are usually not - world events, the end of the world, hyperspace, technology, religion, George Orwell's '1984' (for 'Resistance'), among other subjects.

Many of his main ideas are set in a dystopian future, in which totalitarian governments control every aspect of private and public behavior, maintaining their power with political and forceful tactics such as widespread surveillance, state controlled media, etc.


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