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Any other view is both unscriptural and unacceptable to all serious thinking individuals, whether Chris­tian or non-Christian, To accept another view is to accept promiscuity, prostitution, and polygamy with all their polluting and degenerating customs, vile prac­tices, and evil consequences.

No thinking parent would want his son or daughter to become a victim of such a society.

For thou hast had five hus­bands; and he whom thou now his is not thy husband; in that saidst thou truly.

Any judge who dis­solves a marriage is dissolving it contrary to the law- of God and will himself answer before the ­true Judge of all men for his action.

Any minister who marries anyone to a divorcee who has a living mate will himself answer in eternity for participating in the sin of adultery for allegedly joining together those whom Christ has forbidden to be husband and wife.

It seems that she was a divorced and remarried woman because the men with whom she had earlier lived were called “husbands” by Christ.

It is unlikely that the five husbands died one after the other prior to her marrying the succeeding one.


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