Multi dating

The point in dating is supposed to be fun, isn’t it? The unknown blogger’s third reason for multi-dating is that is that you’ll have less stress.

He says this because he no longer felt pressured to make every date he went on prefect because there were always another date for him to go on if one of his potentials didn’t work out.

For the fifth reason the unknown blogger supports multi-dating is because he believes that it improves a better chance in finding the one.

He also believes that by continuing to date the traditional way; which is dating one person at a time, this can take you years to find that special someone.

Once they learn that multi-dating means to date or talk to more than one person at a time, they automatically believe that you can have as many sexual relations as one wants and can feel mentally okay about it because they told themselves and others that “they are multi-dating”. Multi-dating is another form of causal dating and during the month of May and most of the month of June, I was able to do some research on this matter.

There were mixed views from female bloggers about multi-dating.Most fail to realize that many who would or do frown on the idea of multi-dating start off by talking to one person, trying to figure out and if they are a good a fit for them (relationship wise).But during this process of figuring one person out, you might eventually start talking to more people and try to figure them out as well.And that was the case for the author of the post, “Dating Multiple People (and Why You Should Be Doing It)”, when this blogger started online dating he was only dating one girl at a time because he didn’t want to seem “insincere” but as time went on he ended up talking to multiple girls at once; which according to him was accidental.After eight months of online dating, the feeling the author once had about talking to more than one girl at a time disappeared.All the male bloggers that are included in this post were in agreement that multi-dating was the best way to find a serious relationship.Most even were in agreement that women should also practice this method as well.He then felt that dating and talking to more than one person at a time was now the best way to date in our modern world.He even gave his six reasons why with his explanations on “why to date multiple people at once”.When he was only seeing one woman per month, he would see characteristics in his potentials that he really didn’t like, such as being negative or rude, he would continue to see her in hopes that things would turn out better because he didn’t want to have to start over with somebody new.Once he started meeting more women it became easier for him to remove the women who didn’t fit him (relationship wise).


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