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How did these lies become widespread, without us gaining any ground or improving our situation one whit?

” There is perhaps no clearer example of Muslim projection than in the field of theology, whereby Muslim doctrines are projected onto Christianity.

One overzealous fan of 2PM’s Taecyeon sent him a letter written in her own menstrual blood, reading: fans either installed or hacked into cameras in his apartment complex’s parking lot, posting voyeuristic photos of his comings and goings online.

The group TVXQ seems to suffer particular attention.

Always,” he too was projecting what he knows of Muslim attacks on infidels.

” Of course, the notion that a martyr is someone who wages and dies in jihad, or “holy war,” is intrinsic to Islam (e.g., Koran 1).

Even the authoritative (“martyr”) as “one killed in battle with infidels.” On the other hand, Christian martyrdom has always meant being persecuted and killed for refusing to recant Christianity—and this is precisely the definition that has for centuries applied to Egypt’s Christians, the definition that Bishop Bishoy clearly meant (see this article for more on the important differences between Christian and Muslim notions of martyrdom).

Look to almost any report of Muslim mob uprisings against Christians and their churches, especially in Egypt, and they are almost always on Fridays—and naturally so: for that is the one day of the week when Muslims congregate in mosques for prayers, only to invariably hear sermons that rile them up against infidels.

But perhaps the best example is Ayat Oraby—the smiley-faced, pink-hijab wearing, Muslim woman and activist with many Muslim followers on social media.


  1. As Muslim populations continue to burgeon in Europe and North America, there has been a corresponding effort to get judges and magistrates to allow the application of Sharia in intra-Muslim disputes instead of applying Western democratic law. Already in the United Kingdom, there are some 100 Sharia courts.

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