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Sometimes these tears are extensive and span half the circumference of the penis (usually the tears are crosswise), requiring about 10 stitches. The operation takes about an hour, and most people go home right after.

Most can resume sex in about a month (after the wound has healed). There are probably some cases in which you can get away with not operating on it but, in general, you will be more likely to have future complications.

It turns out there is an unfortunate injury termed "penile fracture" that can indeed occur during sexual intercourse. It is a severe form of bending injury to the erect penis that occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears. If someone has severe pain (in the penis), especially associated with bruising, swelling and loss of erection, he should seek emergency care. Any situation during intercourse when there is thrusting and when the penis, instead of penetrating its normal location, is hitting some solid structure (such as the perineum).

For those who didn't catch last night's hot and steamy love scene between Sloan (played by actor Eric Dane) and "intern" Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), be advised: it ended painfully—very painfully.The legislation opens more avenues for victims of online sex trafficking to legally pursue websites that facilitate trafficking by amending Section 230, making it easier for federal and state prosecutors and private citizens to go after platforms whose sites have been used by traffickers.FOSTA-SESTA, however, isn’t without its detractors: Some sex workers say it will actually put them in further danger and push illicit activity into even deeper corners of the internet, and free internet proponents worry that platforms might censor or pull content preemptively just to avoid risk.The statute has been lauded as a “core pillar of internet freedom” and “the most important law protecting free speech online” that “gave us the modern internet.” But it has become more and more imperiled, not only with FOSTA-SESTA but also in light of increased scrutiny on Facebook and the advent of platforms such as Airbnb and Yelp, where third-party content is the business model.“I think 230 is going to be the central discussion point for the next two to five years on what the internet looks like,” one congressional aide told me.In 1991, the US District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled in that Compu Serve, the United States’ first major commercial online service provider, wasn’t liable for hosting defamatory content on one of its forums after a columnist posted negative comments about a competitor.Four years later, in 1995, a new court case popped up, this time involving Stratton Oakmont, the investment firm featured in the 2013 film , the New York Supreme Court decided the online host was indeed liable for the content posted there.FOSTA-SESTA was particularly aimed at Backpage.com, a website that has long been known for its sex worker advertisements, but it has made a number of platforms nervous.Multiple websites have censored or banned parts of their platforms preemptively, not necessarily because the sites were promoting ads for prostitutes, but because policing them under the new law would be too hard.At least for Sloan, who suffered a severe injury to his manhood, which prompted a slew of rumors among hospital staff about which woman "broke Sloan's penis," according to ABC's online recap of the episode.Given that there are no bones in the penis, can it really break?


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  4. Jan 23, 2009. Ever since heartthrob television doctor Mark Sloan had a sexual mishap on. Given that there are no bones in the penis, can it really break?

  5. Apr 23, 2018. To most, it seemed like a no-brainer Sex trafficking is obviously bad. the United States' first major commercial online service provider, wasn't.

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