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Right now the curtains are white, symbolizing the joy of the resurrection (their Easter was last weekend, a week later than the West).The segmented part of the room where the altar sits represents the heavenly realm, and the rest of the church space represents the earthly realm.I couldn’t quite figure out if there was a “theme” per se. Thomas Sunday, so the priest’s sermon focused on doubt.The first part of the worship service focused on the reading of Scriptures (which ended with the reading of the story of a saint).

When they receive communion, they do so outside of the Altar area.What this communicates theologically is that the church is set apart from the destructive patterns of the world, and literally serves as a life-boat in the midst of brokenness. I should add that women sit to the right and Men to the left when you walk in. The wife sits on the side closest to the women, but enjoy being together as a couple. (this is the couple that helped me follow along) Another interesting thing was that a wall separated the main congregational seating area from the altar.This is more for tradition sake and not a “law.” Women all cover their head as a symbol of laying down their “crown” (which hair represents) before the King of Kings. Much of the liturgy was read from the altar area, especially when incents were being offered to God during the first half of the service and when the Holy Eucharist was being prepared during the second half.The church could also be described as a family environment. I saw babies, kids, teens, young adults, young families, middle-agers, grandparents, and the elderly.They are nit together by their unique culture and unique approach to Christian faith and practice. I think this was the only couple there that was not both Egyptian.Both the young woman and my her husband told me that women and men are equally valued in the church.Women have some privileges that men do not have, such as bearing children.Provide a brief description of the congregation’s composition.Would you classify it as being homogeneous in any social, ethnic, economic, or age category? What seems to draw these people to this worshiping community?What environmental aids and symbols have been used? These were icons of saints, biblical characters, and Jesus.It was like I was stepping into the third century in many ways.


  1. Jun 19, 2012. The wife was Mormon, but started going to Coptic youth functions as a teenager. After 4 years of questioning her upbringing and meeting with a.

  2. Aug 16, 2012. A teenager opens her heart to someone who says, “I love youuntil I don't. My parents never had a really strict rule about dating, and it's good to hear your reasoning. of modernism and mediocrity through the power of Christ Jesus. we belong to a Teens For Life group in a very orthodox parish.

  3. Jan 8, 2015. I learned that my daughter was engaged not from her, but from our family therapist. infinite number of rules, but also disassociate from all who were different. For a while she'd been dating a non-Jewish boy, and we hoped this class. Her rabbi followed a fundamentalist ultra-Orthodox sect that saw any.

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